Use Cases

Personalization For Bank On
Adobe Experience Cloud


Through consumer personalisation on their website, Canadian Bank sought to enhance its view of how client interactions are managed. With over 11 million personal and commercial banking clients, Canadian Bank’s website acted as the primary point of contact between the bank and its customers.

They wanted assistance adopting Adobe Experience Manager to develop a personalised user experience in order to keep their top 5 positions for user digital experience from Forrester Research.


We collaborated with Canadian Bank to improve their website’s customer experience by leveraging our domain expertise in Adobe Experience Manager and Digital Asset Management.

We spearheaded the development of their personalization strategy and implemented it utilising AEM 6.3’s experience fragments, as well as machine learning to generate appropriate segments/rulesets via AAM and Target. At the same time, we investigated the long-term viability and scalability of personalisation across the client’s broader digital ecosystem.


We developed a working proof-of-concept that dynamically changed the information on the website homepage based on users’ historical behaviour and profile data using our best practices in agile development methodology and our leading Adobe enablement practice.

In addition, we established an executable roadmap and essential objectives needed to scale customization programmes across digital channels.

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