Big data enablement

Transformation of big data into productivity tools

Data enablement may appear to be a technological and scalability problem at first. However, as an enterprise you have to understand that data enablement is a journey that involves significant changes in people and processes to influence the very culture of the business.

Data Analytics

We understand how to distinguish between the signal and the noise. Data, analytics are paving the way for new ways for businesses to expand and differentiate themselves from the competition at a faster rate. Data and analytics are already being used at a large scale by more than half (52%) of the enterprises with future-ready operations. By rethinking how data and AI efforts are implemented in line with business strategy, an organization is able to quickly realize its ROI.

Data becomes the ultimate competitive asset and differentiator with Data-led Transformation, and enterprises can reposition their offers, extend capabilities, and improve data and AI maturity to create new sources of value and sustainable development by scaling AI with the cloud.

Gain access to an unrivaled global data analytic tool to help you target, strategize and execute your unique business goals

Data Analytics in Banking and Financial Services

Data science tools can actually help businesses understand more about their customers and generate new revenue streams.


Client Segmentation

Banks can segment consumers based on their income, expenditure, risk tolerance, and other factors based on previous data about their spending patterns.


Fraud Prevention

Knowing your clients’ typical spending patterns can assist raise a red signal if something unusual occurs.


Risk Modeling

Banks place high importance on risk assessment since it aids in the regulation of financial operations and the pricing of financial investments.


Transaction Channels

Banks can track historical usage patterns and daily coordination between in- and out-payments at their branches and ATMs

Data Analytics in Retail

Retailers face a slew of new issues these days, including diminishing sales, strong competition, and shifting consumer tastes. Despite these obstacles, some conventional retailers continue to flourish year over year, shattering sales records.


Business Insights

Many businesses use Business Intelligence solutions to properly manage and organize their data. BI (Business Intelligence) tools are an example of descriptive analytics


Sales Forecasting

Simply described, sales forecasting is the act of analyzing historical sales data, identifying trends, and projecting those trends into the future in order to estimate sales.


Advanced Retail Analytics

This is the most powerful type of analytics, and when used correctly, it may yield the best results. Unified advanced analytics aims to combine the benefits of business intelligence.

Cyber Security

In today’s interconnected technological landscape, everyone benefits from improved cyber security strategies. A cyber security attack at an enterprise level can result in everything from identity theft to extortion attempts to the loss of crucial data. Critical infrastructure, such as power plants, hospitals, and financial services organizations, is used by everyone. It is critical to keep these and other institutions secure in order for our society to function.

To establish a successful defense against cyber threats, an organization’s people, processes, and technology must all complement one another. A unified threat management solution from Scadea can streamline core security operations processes including as detection, investigation, and remediation by automating integrations across key Security products.

Scadea’s best practices and Cyber security technology protects Critical systems and sensitive information from an ever-growing volume of continually evolving threats.