Digital Decoupled Architecture

By Jhelum Basu 25-Feb-2022

At Scadea Solutions, we build omnichannel integrated digital experiences for customers

As businesses redesign their digital experiences, many are finding that the best user experience is one that is consistent across all engagement channels (i.e., mobile, web, kiosk, etc.). APIs must be versioned and consumed rapidly by application developers for this unified, omnichannel experience to materialize. This necessitates an integrated platform that enables rapid API versioning, as well as a closely connected developer site that allows developers to quickly identify, test, and understand APIs.

Being The “First-Mover” is Critical

Participating and competing in the digital economy necessitates the development of applications swiftly and at the market’s pace – no company wants to miss out on a chance. Being the “first-mover” is a critical and, in many situations, an insurmountable advantage when beginning a digital-platform business where a critical mass of value producers and value consumers is required (consider Uber, Airbnb, and LinkedIn).

Enabling Agile Development

Hence Speed may be the single most important KPI when going digital. In addition to shortening the development cycle, an “API-first” architecture enables product model, Agile and DevOps principles which free your application developers to work fast, utilizing “agile” methodologies (building software iteratively and incrementally) without impacting your backend systems, also known as your systems of record.

Dramatically faster development combined with enabling “agile development” empowers companies to launch and iterate quickly and be ready to pivot as the market requires.

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Jhelum Basu

Senior Manager

Jhelum Basu is a Senior Manager in Customer Success, Service Delivery, Marketing and Enterprise Reporting space at Scadea Solutions INC. He has 20+ years of experience in Insurance, Banking and Financial Services & Healthcare domain in UK, Continental Europe and North America. He is contributing with his communication, program-management and exemplary customer support skills to enhance service delivery and efficiency in overall organizational growth.