Navigate The Hidden Complexities of IoT With Scadea

The Internet of Things is expanding at breakneck speed. Experts predict a six-fold increase in market size to approximately 1.5 trillion USD by 2027, from around 250 billion USD in 2019. According to a study conducted by James Brehm and Associates, 49 percent of respondents believe their business has neither the expertise to design, implement, and maintain IoT systems. Roughly three-quarters of IoT projects never go past the proof-of-concept stage. The hidden complexity of implementing connected devices is the reason why many IoT attempts fail.


Scadea: For IoT Managed Services

For many enterprises, IoT solutions are transforming from a convenience to a strategic requirement. Organizations are confronted with figuring out how to deploy sophisticated technology solutions. Businesses can opt to do nothing, do it themselves, patch together a solution from several vendors, or work with an IoT managed services provider such as Scadea when it comes to implementing IoT solutions.


IoT Initiative: Succeed With Scadea

Many of the problems in deploying IoT solutions catch organizations off guard since they are focused on IoT applications and the end-user experience. Too often, after attempting to implement new solutions with in-house resources, they discover that they lack the skills and experience necessary to launch IoT initiatives in a timely and cost-effective manner.

One of the most prevalent roadblocks to a successful IoT deployment is a lack of talent and resources, which is followed by interoperability and compatibility, compliance, security risks, solution deployment, data actionability, and ecosystem variety. Businesses that engage with IoT managed services providers are more likely to succeed with their IoT ambitions.


Collaborate with Scadea

We at Scadea support the whole device lifecycle, from solution design to end-of-life. Trust Scadea to simplify the process of acquiring, connecting, configuring, and deploying devices around the globe by offering a wide range of services and expertise around Iot. Manage risks, cut costs, and shorten time to market by partnering with an IoT managed services provider. We achieve this through comprehensive device control, wireless connectivity, network management, and forward and reverse logistics.

Focus on your core business and customer experience with an end-to-end solution for IoT-managed services with Scadea. Scadea is your dependable IoT field service partner with a global footprint. Want to know how we can help? Mail Us at