Meet The Leaders at Scadea

"One of my most clear accountability as the CEO & President of Scadea is to look to the future, to stay aware of changes in the external environment, such as the growing expectation that businesses have, and to act decisively on these problems and possibilities.~ President


Founder & President

An entrepreneur at heart with the overall responsibility to maintain corporate vision, market guidance, and financial health. A self-motivated leader with over a decade of experience in conceptualizing ideas, seizing opportunities & leading teams.



In his role as CEO of Scadea, Sreekanth’s responsibility is to develop and maintain the company’s technical strategies across the product portfolio. He keeps numerous personnel engaged and on track while focusing on the critical portfolio, program.

Eli Kane

Chief Of Customer Experience

Responsible for Scadea’s customer success, satisfaction, and delivery quality.Eli is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in Data Integration, Technology, Product Operations, Project Management, and Program/Portfolio Management.


Chief Revenue officer

Paddy contributes a depth of cross-functional knowledge, skills in BI and Data Analytics, and a functional and focused approach. His management and leadership approach is transparent, collaborative, and meticulous, leaving nothing to chance.

Senior Management


Service Delivery Head

Avijit has always been a lifelong learner, with each project, client, or company introducing him to something new, whether it’s a domain, technology, service, or geography. He enjoys communicating with others and connecting with groups. While working as a delivery head at Scadea, his main focus is business and delivery management, including revenue generation and profitability.


Salesforce Practice Lead

Vinay oversees all practice-related activities at Scadea. He develops go-to-market strategies and other branding activities in addition to managing Salesforce and product partnerships. He has been outstanding in terms of developing a forecasted production schedule and tracking it through completion to identify any post-production bugs, issues, or risks using RAID logs and risk templates.


Sr. Sales and Marketing Manager

Phillip is an expert at collaborating with all core business operations to significantly expand the company’s footprint, expand market share, generate sustainable revenue, and develop a repeatable revenue process model for Scadea’s global market gains. Phillip is an expert at making and leveraging business connections. He is a strong thought leader, team builder, and P&L and sales development expert.


VP Pre Sales and Consulting

Ananta is a results-driven senior IT professional with over two decades of experience strategizing and leading organizational initiatives in management and technical leadership roles. While working for Scadea, he has a long history of leveraging existing and emerging technologies, uncovering opportunities, and directing strategies to develop solutions that focus on execution, innovation, business, and customer satisfaction.


Chief People Officer

Maaging People & Culture, Finance, Immigration, Payroll, Contracting, Audit and Compliance.