Scadea Has Collaborated With Flowgear for On-Premise Cloud Integration and Automation

 19 Jul 2022

To run effectively and expand their businesses, modern organizations rely heavily on an ever-growing range of apps, systems, and services, but one of the biggest challenges in IT today is transferring data between them.

Scadea Solution Inc. has collaborated with Flowgear to provide a robust and scalable solution for our clients’ integration and automation needs- whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Flowgear serves as a single interface through which businesses can access all of their data, providing a single platform for data transformation, real-time integration, and data-based workflow orchestration. Over 200+ pre-built product and technology connectors, APIs, and workflow templates are available on the platform. All of this is supported by a professional services team and strict service level agreements.

Our collaboration with Flowgear will enable us to provide enterprise-grade solutions with a cost-effective and scalable subscription model to all organizations. This will also allow medium and large organizations to quickly implement powerful integration solutions without the need for extensive upfront planning or capital-intensive infrastructure.