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    Inside Scadea aiLoAnX™

    aiLoAnX™ - Mortgage management system is an advanced loan servicing software for banks and other financial services companies that improves customer experience, enhances productivity and reduces operations cost

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    Business View

    • Mortgage management system is designed to help financial institutions, banks and other fintech to manage the loan application and approval process, from initial submission to disbursal of funds for Indian market
    • Mortgage management system manage entire life cycle of loan management.
    • Developed on modular design architecture, the solution is enabled with technologies such as AI/ML and is geared to meet a financing institution’s functional requirements from the basic loan processing to more complex processes like credit scoring, risk profiling, Eligibility check and auto approvals.

    System Features

    • A fully integrated, end-to-end corporate lending system that helps build winning lending propositions
    • Automated work flow and Dynamic rules configuration
    • Comprehensive reporting and Dashboards
    • Powerful Search Capabilities
    • Role-based and Feature-based Security
    • Fast go-live with Low code Customization
    • A portal view of customer loan data


    • Improved customer experience - Drive customer engagement with reduced loan decision turn-time
    • Boost productivity & efficiency - With automated workflows, API collaboration and reduction in keying of data
    • A single point of sale, to processing, tracking, underwriting, closing and funding
    • Reduce cost by eliminating fragmented and legacy technology.
    • Scalable & Secured - Deployable on-premise or cloud native

    Features and Capabilities

    User friendly workflow

    User friendly workflow

    Loan workflow follows the standard approval process which involves Submission, Rejection, reassignment and Approval thorough underwriter & manager Task Screen. These makes User Groups alert and aware about task on hand. Mail triggering also can be customized as per the Requirement.

    Eligibility Check

    Eligibility Check

    The system perform an eligibility check based on the applicant's credit score, income, employment status, and other relevant factors to assess the risk associated with each loan application and factor that into the eligibility decision

    Comprehensive Reporting and Dashboards

    Comprehensive Reporting and Dashboards

    A Mortgage system provides reporting and analytics capabilities to track loan performance, repayment trends, and loan portfolio management , Dashboard for Underwriter and Manager with borrower profile scores

    Document Management

    Document Management

    Providing the functionality to upload, store, and manage loan-related documents, such as identity proof, income proof and property papers etc.

    Workflow Management

    Workflow Management

    The Application provide a workflow management system to route loan applications for approval, review, reassign, prioritize and processing.

    Dynamic Rule configuration

    Dynamic Rule configuration

    The system has a dynamic scoring model that allow admin to assigns a weight to each criterion and calculates a composite score based on the borrower's data inputs

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    Benefits of Mortgage management system

    • Integrated suite of solution Complied by Indian mortgage standards
    • Creates process efficiencies and productivity within any part of mortgage Process.
    • User-friendly interfaces and support mobility [access the system from any device, from anywhere]
    • Highly configurable to cover financial and non-financial parameters.
    • Ready to integrated with other systems, such as accounting, ERP, banking systems, and Credit Bureau for seamless data exchange
    • Document analysis via OCR scanning


    Experience simplified loan lifecycle management with our comprehensive solution. Our system enables you to seamlessly manage the entire loan cycle, from origination to servicing and beyond, ensuring full-cycle loan management with Scadea aiLoAnX™.

    Low Code No Code

    Looking to accelerate your digital transformation journey? Scadea has teamed up with Appian, a leading provider of low-code development solutions, to bring you aiLoAnX™ – the innovative mortgage management application designed to streamline the loan lifecycle for financial institutions, banks, and other fintech companies in the Indian market. aiLoAnX™ is built on a modular design architecture and AI/ML technologies, and offers everything from basic loan processing to more complicated services like credit scoring, risk profiling, eligibility checks, and auto approvals. With Scadea and Appian's integrated offerings, you can rest assured that your digital transformation journey will be smooth sailing. aiLoAnX™ is mobile-ready and can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premises. Plus, with Scadea's expert guidance, you can customize aiLoAnX™ to match the needs of your specific organization. Say goodbye to outdated mortgage application processes and hello to aiLoAnX™ – the future of mortgage management.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can use the fastest loan against property from Banking to fulfill all your financial obligations and also enjoy loan disbursement in 3 days*. As a self-employed borrower, you can use your loan for the following purposes:

    • Business expansion
    • Operation usage
    • Debt reconciliation
    • Purchasing raw materials
    • Making new investments and personal use

    As a salaried individual, you can use your loan for the following purposes:

    • Mortgage buyout/balance transfer of an existing loan
    • Consolidation of debt
    • Managing wedding expenses
    • New investments
    • Financing education

    The application calculates your eligibility for a loan against property by taking the following parameters into account:

    • Age
    • Income
    • Property value
    • Existing obligations, if any
    • Stability or continuity of employment/business
    • Past borrowing track record

    Yes, your property needs to be insured for fire and other calamities during the term of your loan. You will have to provide proof of insurance to Banking/Housing Finance company every year or whenever required.


    You need to ensure that the title to the property is clear, free of any litigation, and should not have an existing mortgage or loan.


    Yes, you can. All the co-owners of the property will be considered co-applicants for the loan.


    Your EMI consists of two parts: the principal amount you have borrowed and the interest charged on it. Three factors affect your EMIs: How much you borrowed Rate of interest applicable Loan tenure


    An amortization schedule is a table that offers you a view of how your loan amount is repaid via monthly installments. It gives the break-up of every EMI (with its principal and interest component) towards the repayment of your loan.


    The pricing increase happens only in the scenario of an increase in the cost of funds. A proactive repricing policy is being put in place as a proactive measure to ensure that there is no inordinate increase in your loan pricing against new acquisitions and that there is always parity for your loan


    A property dossier is another industry-first, value-added service we offer to our mortgage customers. It is a customized report that guides you through all legal and technical aspects of owning a property simply and crisply. It also covers general property knowledge tips as well as all macro factors like the property index of the city, important property tips, and more.


    The TAT for the issuance of a foreclosure statement is typically 12 working days


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