Consulting Salesforce Adoption

Adoption Measurement and Improvement

We at Scadea always push our client to choose the right Salesforce flavour adoption, we do measure adoption by below mentioned technique

  • Logins and login frequency
  • Using the right parts of the platform (accounts, opportunities, etc.)
  • Creation of new contacts, new accounts, new opportunities, etc.
  • Amount, type, and quality of data being entered in the system

Added to the above technique we do use metrics that we maintain to help improve the Salesforce adoption rate

Salesforce Optimization

Our experts use the below mechanisms to achieve good Salesforce Optimization

  • User License Optimization
  • User Management
  • Removal of Redundancies
  • Well-Planned Integrations

Salesforce Health Check

Our knowledgeable Salesforce certified administrators & consultants to spend time with our clients looking at their current application and making recommendations in how can we develop & amend the application work better for them. We take time to understand our client’s implementation, identify the pain points with Salesforce and then prepare a report with suggested solutions to resolve the issues.

  • Tailor made adoption workshops with business and IT users

    At Scadea we firmly believe that enabling the users is a key component of adoption so we tailor workshops for business and IT users taking their expertise into considerations

  • User training

    We provide Custom Training for our business users with innovative and engaging training classes that educate them on the new systems which are built on Salesforce.