Consulting Salesforce CRM Data Migration Services

Planning Migration

Our Salesforce data migration consultants analyse the requirement, perform a feasibility check of data transfer, assess the data source and destination, create a roadmap, and build a robust plan to transfer the data.

Data Standardization

Business functions always overflow with the data captured from disparate sources and substandard data can ruin the entire thing.

Data Mapping

Data migration is successful only when all objects, records, and information are correctly mapped. We appropriately map the data across sources to relevant fields.

Data Cleansing

We believe that cleaner the data, the better the performance and easier for the client to use that data in a meaningful and productive way.

Quality Assurance

At Scadea we check that our clients Salesforce platform, app, or the custom configuration we built in their Salesforce CRM works and works well. It’s ensuring functionality, but it also goes beyond that.

Data Integrity

Our data migration adeptness includes proficiency in maintaining and protecting our customers’ data for consistency throughout the migration cycle.