Salesforce for the Manufacturing Industry

By Sri Raghavendra 03-Feb-2022

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a transformation. The global business environment has become unstable, and supply chains all around the world have been disrupted. Salesforce delivers the appropriate solutions to help manufacturing firms handle these difficulties. This introduction delves into the transformative power of Salesforce for the manufacturing industry, highlighting its ability to revolutionize processes, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Why Salesforce for Manufacturing?

Salesforce is the ideal choice for the manufacturing industry due to its industry-specific capabilities and numerous benefits. It offers streamlined operations, enhanced customer engagement, and improved collaboration and communication. With Salesforce, manufacturers can optimize their processes, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and drive growth in a highly competitive market.

We all know that ERP systems are the backbone of today’s production systems. Some of the biggest names in manufacturing have said that by implementing Salesforce for Manufacturing, they were able to achieve timely information sharing with customers, get a holistic view of the market with the latest trends, and get a 360 view of customer activities, all while improving the marketing and sales cycle’s efficiency. Salesforce, unlike any other CRM application, is not only a tool but also a built-in solution package for all of the customer’s problems.

What’s New in Manufacturing Salesforce Cloud?

Every version of Salesforce evolves and matures, and the latest version of Manufacturing Salesforce Cloud offers industry-leading features such as “Sales Agreements,” which provides information on the most recent products and their quantities, “Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing,” which uses AI to provide enterprises with more insight into future trends, product performance, and pricing, and “Community Cloud,” which keeps track of interactions with customers and shares sales agreements.

“With great power comes great responsibility”
Manufacturing Salesforce Cloud is a strong weapon with many tricks up its sleeve, but it all revolves around the Salesforce Service Provider and how he will unleash its strength and then direct it in the right direction.

Best Practices for Implementation of Manufacturing Salesforce?

  • Below are the best practices for implementation of Manufacturing Salesforce
  • Plan and Prepare
  • Establish a project implementation timeline
  • Plan the cost
  • Success metrics definition
  • Successful implementation and going live
  • Change Management strategy creation and adoption
  • Provide training
  • Develop and adhere to a post-implementation plan

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud From Scadea

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud from Scadea Solution Inc. unifies your manufacturing sales and operations teams around a single customer view, allowing you to produce more accurate account-based forecasts. We are a Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud development partner with a focus on the Manufacturing domain and substantial experience integrating MRP and ERP technologies.

We help manufacturing companies deploy Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud to automate their sales, operations, and marketing processes. We’ve spent a lot of time creating marketing journeys, sales and service processes, and setting up and managing salesforce solutions.



Salesforce offers transformative solutions for the manufacturing industry, empowering businesses to streamline processes, foster collaboration, optimize efficiency, and drive growth. By leveraging Salesforce’s innovative platform, manufacturers can elevate their operations, enhance productivity, and adapt to the ever-evolving industry landscape.

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Sri Raghavendra Pandala is Salesforce Consultant at Scadea Solutions INC. having over 10 years of experience in CRM functional and technical implementation, he has worked with many Telecom clients in getting complex Order Management projects delivered.

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