3-Reasons Why Low-Code Development is the Future of Development

By Whitney Pointe 12-Aug-2022

In a nutshell, Low-Code is the new approach to application development. How does Appian fit into this industry change and why is Low Code software use increasing so rapidly?

What Actually Happened in the Field of Software Development?

If you’ve worked in or are familiar with the software development industry, you’ll distinctly remember that the Waterfall method reigned dominant and was the standard practice for managing development projects about a decade ago.

However, it came with a slew of difficulties, the majority of which revolved around speed. It moved too slowly.

Early in the process, Business Analysts, Developers, and Program Managers would decide on functionality, and there would be little to no room for change or improvement. It would take years to develop usable software or update legacy systems. This resulted in a decrease in customer satisfaction and the belief that customized software development was not worth the cost and labor, or that it was too expensive for small businesses to accept bids from development companies.

Many of the criticisms leveled at Waterfall and traditional development were alleviated by the development of Low-Code software used within an Agile development environment.

Enhanced Business Productivity

Appian offers an application designed with the ‘citizen developer’ in mind. Software that can be learned and used by both programmers and non-programmers is a huge benefit for businesses that want to create internal software but don’t want to incur the costs associated with hiring an outside organization to do so.

It provides the customer with the ability to quickly create customizable code.

Reduced Demand for Specialized IT

Low code also means spending less time developing with out-of-the-box components like text boxes, integer fields, and a slew of style and design options that can be used to build robust business processes and easily create customized user interfaces that match the look and feel of your corporate logos, color schemes, and design styles.

You no longer need to spend hours customizing the front end with lines and lines of HTML and CSS code.

Rapid Process Enhancement

Business requirements are constantly evolving and changing. This is one of the most significant advantages of Low Coded development in an Agile environment. This enables businesses to meet the needs of their customers across multiple iterations by quickly editing and making changes as requirements change or more information about processes is gathered.

Organizations are no longer forced to stagnate in terms of improvement when code changes can be easily implemented and tested for production.


The shift has already begun, and things are moving quickly. Low-code is a simplified method for implementing digital transformation within organizations.

Don’t worry if you are still trying to figure out how to start your journey; our experts can assist. We at Scadea Solutions Inc. is a provider of digital transformation services that excels at using intelligent low-code automation to transform businesses. Our service offering spans numerous dimensions, from business process management to analytics.

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Whitney Pointe

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Whitney is a Sr. Appian Developer at Scadea Solutions INC. She brings over 10 years of IT experience, having worked with the United States Patent and Trademark office, United States Department of Transportation, Northop Gruman, and Lockheed Martin to solve complex technical problems.