Mobile AI

Transform the way you
Interact with customers

Scadea can create mobile apps with great user experiences
That can change the way you do business.

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Digital transformation

Accelerate your digital
Transformation journey

Scadea's deep expertise in cloud ERP,API and data analytics
can rev up your transformation.

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Big data

Gather real-time insights
With big data

Scadea can augment new streams of data with traditional
business data to generate actionable insights at high velocity.

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Cloud ERP

Propel your business
Into the cloud

Aim for the sky with Scadea's cloud erp solutions
That are deployed Faster

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Design Thinking

To collaborate, interact, visualize ideas, and prototype swiftly that creates impactful solutions

Experiential Pilots

To discover and deploy innovative concepts with cutting-edge process understanding


To address every barrier as it emerges with our unending quest to innovate through design

Stack Fulfillment

To provide each partner with dependability and accountability through continual improvement

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We are

Your Digital Transformation Partner

Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey (USA), Scadea is a leading innovative solutions & Service provider around SAP, Salesforce, Big data, AI, RPA, and ML. With over 150+ expert professional employees on board from the most agile team; We've been delivering solutions and services to enterprise customers in a variety of industries.

Customer experiences

Our innovative process automation ranges from personalizing client experiences to saving your team hours of production work.

Digital Business

The brand that you trust, explore the numerous advantages of Scadea’s product & accelerators from a range of key business technologies.

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What makes Scadea the most trusted
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