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By Pooja Swami 05-Mar-2022

Job portals are a convenient place for employers to post their job openings, and for job-seekers to respond and apply. Running a job portal can be a fantastic way to earn revenue, do some networking, and more.

Here, the aim was to build a job portal for women, focusing on creating equal space in global employment opportunities and opening new doors exclusively for the women who want to realize their full potential.

The Challenge

A leading US-based tech firm took the initiative to fabricate a ground-breaking job portal connecting the dots of women’s career aspirations to opportunities across the Globe. The goal is to encourage the women who are on a career break to restart their careers. The firm partnered with Scadea Solutions Inc. to build a modern job portal for women. The focus is to provide the best careers & second careers for women across the globe with a range of job opportunities, be it full-time, part-time, flex-time, or return-ships.

The Solution

Based on the requirements, the Scadea team built an online platform that aims to provide relevant employment opportunities to women of all categories. Our platform has reputed companies related to IT, E-Commerce, healthcare, BPOs, and government sectors, offering job opportunities to diverse women to reach their diversity metrics. Women seeking jobs in any industry, simply upload their profile and get in front of potential employers to get their next career. Employers supporting ethnicity and diversity can post their open positions here to reach the target. Our platform not only has a re-skilling program to take women through the smooth transition to launch and guide them to the successful job but also be with them to listen to their success stories after joining. We strongly believe that our platform can connect every job-seeking woman with the best available openings quickly and easily.

Scadea Solutions Inc. brought its domain expertise and years of experience to the table to design and develop this simplified-yet-modern platform for employers and job seekers to spot the ideal match for their requirements.

Our Job portal solution includes all the necessary features that one needs to run a full-fledged job portal. Some of the features are:

  • Jobs from different industries and sectors.
  • User-friendly search options are categorized on the basis of keywords, locations, experience, etc.
  • Online applying and following employers
  • Sign Up/log in through different social media profiles to reduce the hassle of filling out boring registration forms.
  • Feature to upload short videos to represent your skills and personality virtually.
  • Employers can register and display company profiles.
  • Post jobs with description, experience location, skills, and qualification required.
  • Site integration with Application Tracking Systems like Ceipal.
  • Email alert services and so much more…

Our developers employ a process-oriented development model to bring out the best solution, every time.

Technically, we employ the following to develop this robust job portal: Node JS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB, Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, etc. This Job portal is for anyone and everyone looking for an opportunity to start something new today..!

About the Author

Pooja Swami

Assistant Manager, HR