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A leading e-commerce platform for the luxury goods Industry: Retail/E-commerce


The client was facing scalability issues with their existing e-commerce platform as their customer base and product inventory grew rapidly. Their existing platform was built on outdated Java frameworks and they needed a modern solution that could handle the demands of their business.


Scadea proposed a solution built on modern Java technologies, including Spring Boot and Hibernate, for improved scalability and performance. The solution was also designed to be modular and easily extensible to support future growth. Scadea’s team of Java experts worked closely with the client to ensure a smooth transition to the new platform while minimizing any downtime.


The new platform resulted in a significant improvement in performance and scalability, enabling the client to handle a growing customer base and product inventory. The modular design also allowed the client to easily add new features and functionality to the platform as needed. As a result, the client reported increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Technologies Used:

Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, MySQL, REST APIs, AWS


6 months

Team Size:

5 Java developers, 1 project manager Overall, Scadea’s Java Development services helped the client overcome their scalability challenges and provided a modern platform to support their growing e-commerce business.

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