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How Scadea’s Figma Design Services Helped a Healthcare Provider Streamline Patient Experience


A leading healthcare provider was facing challenges in providing seamless patient experience due to the complex and fragmented nature of its services. The client needed a solution that could help them streamline their patient journey while adhering to the healthcare compliance standards.


Scadea’s Figma design team worked closely with the healthcare provider to develop a comprehensive design strategy that incorporated patient-centric design principles. Our team created wireframes and prototypes for various touchpoints in the patient journey, including the appointment booking process, patient registration, and post-visit follow-up. We also ensured that the designs were compliant with healthcare regulations and standards.


Our Figma design services helped the healthcare provider streamline its patient journey and improve overall patient experience. The new designs were well-received by patients, resulting in an increase in patient satisfaction and retention rates. Additionally, the provider saw a significant reduction in administrative costs due to the optimized patient journey.

Key Takeaways:

Scadea’s Figma design services can help healthcare providers streamline patient journeys and improve patient experience Patient-centric design principles can be incorporated into various touchpoints in the patient journey, including appointment booking, registration, and follow-up Compliance with healthcare regulations and standards is crucial in healthcare design Streamlined patient journeys can lead to improved patient satisfaction and retention rates, as well as reduced administrative costs.

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