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Streamlining E-commerce Operations for a B2C Retailer with Prestashop – A Scadea Case Study


A B2C retailer operating in the fashion industry was facing challenges with their existing e-commerce platform. The platform was outdated and not scalable enough to handle the growing needs of the business. The client was looking for a more robust e-commerce platform that could support their business growth and streamline their online operations. They needed a solution that could provide a better user experience to their customers and improve their sales performance.


Scadea worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and recommended Prestashop as the ideal e-commerce platform for their business needs. Scadea’s team of experienced developers quickly started the development process and built a customized e-commerce platform that met all of the client’s requirements. The new platform offered a more modern and user-friendly interface, faster page load times, and better navigation to help customers find what they were looking for more easily.


With the new e-commerce platform in place, the client saw a significant improvement in their online sales and customer engagement. The platform’s improved performance and user experience helped increase the conversion rate, and the client saw an increase in their revenue. The client was also able to streamline their e-commerce operations and manage their online store more efficiently, leading to better operational efficiencies and reduced costs. Overall, the client was extremely satisfied with the solution provided by Scadea and its impact on their business.

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