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Scadea Helps Financial Services Company Streamline Compliance Processes with Kissflow


A financial services company was struggling with manual compliance processes that were slow, error-prone, and difficult to track. They turned to Scadea for help in implementing a workflow automation solution using Kissflow.


The company needed a solution that could automate and streamline their compliance processes while maintaining regulatory compliance and security standards.


Scadea implemented a Kissflow workflow automation solution tailored to the company’s specific compliance needs. The solution included features such as document management, approval workflows, and notifications to ensure compliance requirements were met.


The Kissflow solution provided significant improvements in efficiency and accuracy, reducing processing time by 50% and virtually eliminating errors. The company was also able to easily track compliance activities and generate audit reports, helping them meet regulatory requirements with ease.


With the help of Scadea and Kissflow, the financial services company was able to optimize their compliance processes and improve their overall operations, ultimately saving time and reducing costs.

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